Dialogues Rêvants



Solo piece for prepared electroacoustic  pedal harp by Ansgar Beste, performed at the Festival Far Out Regionale Vier.
The main idea behind the Dialogues cycle is the creation of a dialectic dramaturgy within the monophonic limitations of a solo instrument: During the entire duration, two dialogue partners (played by one and the same musician) lead a continuous discussion between two basic musical materials, en passant exploring the rich sonic potentials of the respective musical instrument.


In Dialogues Rêvants, the dialogues are constituted by high and low sounds: by higher pitched sounds, largely produced by the right hand, versus lower, noisy and complex upitched sounds, mainly generated by the left hand.
The score defines 13 sections, but the music itself is organized as one permanent variation:
1. The pitched sounds develop from block chords via trills, glissandos and arpeggios finally back to block chords.
2. The unpitched sounds, starting with single attacks, transform to distorted sounds, to grained sounds and to repetitive scraping, before ending up again in single attacks.
The expressive substance of the harp sounds is characterized by antagonism, intense emotionality and quick cuts (i.e. rapidly changing images) – like in a dream.

Lucie Delhaye

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