« Silvia », electronic and accoustic improvisation workshop


Silvia project is a workshop for the youth around music improvisation: acoustic and electronic.

Lucie wrote the story of Silvia, a young girl ill at ease in her life and with her environment. On an impulse she runs away; the unknown territory she discovers and the encounters she makes take her into a life changing journey.
Pierre Ferry turned this story into a silent film. His film mixes original hand drawings, digital graphisms and photos.
The goal for the participants is to improvise an original soundtrack for that film.

The film support the music improvisation by creating a structure, a easily understandble dramaturgy. We find it interesting within this frame to let young participants play and improvise freely following their own instincts.
It is also very interesting for young people to experiment how the images influences their emotions but also how the music they produce can transform their visual perceptions.

We found it important to design this workshop so that no musical practice or knowledge is required.

Lucie Delhaye

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