TÖLÖLÄB and P.L.S at the Define Electronic Music Festival


P.L.S is a creation cell composed by Pierre Ferry at Live visuals, and Lucie at the musical contents creation. In order to play with larger ensemble and to keep moving forward, they seek collaborations with instrumentalists or bands, DJ´s, street artists collectives or festival like Define Electronic Music Festival.

The finnish band Tölöläb’s music combines woodwinds, electronics and free improvisation. Its members’ primary background is in classical music but its methods and influences come from a wide range of genres, ranging from western medieval music to EDM or hardcore noise.

Tölöläb’s basic practice revolves around the interplay of instrumental improvisers and live electronics. There are no strict rules but most of the audio material in the electronics is sampled from live playing rather than pre-recorded or synthesized. A feedback loop of musical material is formed: the instrumental improvisers generate material for the electronics, the instrumentalists react to the electronics and so forth.

For this 2018 session between Tölöläb and P.L.S hosted by the « Define Electronic Music Festival » in Denmark, Lucie joined Tölöläb as a guest artist with her electric harp while Pierre performed a VJ set based on the synthesis of all signals, tempi and other noises by an individual and global audio analysis. With different kinds of medias: pictures, movies, colors and graphisms, he illustrated and offered visual resonances to this improvised conversation between Lucie and Tölöläb.



Lucie Delhaye

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